Part 2: College Football In Black & White: The SEC Skywriters Tour Of 1966 

The Skywriters Tour Hits Some Bumps

By BUDDY MARTIN   College football fans got most of their information from local newspapers in 1966, and the printed words of loca...

SEC Media Days 2018 - Buddy Martin Media
The SEC Skywriters of 1966: College Football in Black & White

What began 52 years ago in the air lands in Atlanta: SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame

Part I: This is the first of a series about SEC Media Days and how it began 5...

The DNA of Gator Champions: Spurrier, Meyer, Donovan …?

“Greatness” does not fall off the back of a grapefruit truck In the pantheon of great coaches who have graced the annals of University of Florida basketball and footbal...

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