The kid from Eight Mile, Alabama, is quite a trip

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Who is Nick Saban and why is he saying all those flattering things about Steve Spurrier?

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They Can Close The Doors and Turn Out The Lights at Old-School Journalism U

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From ‘Cannonball’ to Franks & Trask: It’s always about the QB at Florida

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The DNA of Gator Champions: Spurrier, Meyer, Donovan …?

“Greatness” does not fall off the back of a grapefruit truck In the pantheon of great coaches who have graced the annals of University of Florida basketball and footbal...

Crashing was Fun for Florida Gators During ‘Super Week’

Just When Hopes Were Flagging, Everything Crashed. It may have been Super Bowl week in Houston, but it was “Super Week” in Gainesville, full of crashes. The good kind of crashes...

Remembering Edwin Pope: He played typewriter keys like Ray Charles played piano

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Ah, the sweet music of those boos to Spurrier

On the same day this week when it was announced that Steve Spurrier had become only the fourth person to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Game as both player and coach he was jeered. ...

One flaw in an otherwise spectacular evening of college football

It was more about the Tigers than the Zebras, but if Alabama had beaten Clemson in Monday Night’s Title Fight we’d have been talking more about the officials’ seeming reluct...

No Kiffin on Raymond James throne Monday: Saban’s banishment shows that Lane and Monte are nothing at all alike

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