Mercy, Mr. Percy — Can These Rumors Possibly Be True? Dilly Dilly & Merry Merry!

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College Football Recruiting Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

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The Mullens Are Bringing That Old-Time Family Feeling Back To Gainesville

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Florida’s Undercover Mission: The Silence Is Deafening, But We Hear You and See You, Chip Kelly

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Florida’s Next Coach? You Think You Know Who It Is? Chances Are You’re Going To Be Wrong

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It’s Getting So Ugly Maybe Florida Should ‘Drain The Swamp’

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So Long Mac. Thanks. And Looking Back, It Never Really Was A Good Fit.

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There Will Be A Game Saturday At EverBank Field, Despite Lack Of Interest Memo to the Florida Gators football team: Don’t bother going to Jacksonville on Saturday. Just drop by the U.S. Post Office and mail it in. You ...

There’s Trouble In Hogtown, Where A Triage Is Needed Semi-hysteria currently prevails in college football and knee-jerk journalism fosters Internet click-bait which can create false media narratives. ...

Sometimes It Is What It Is Now I know how Superman feels about Kryptonite.    In recent weeks, I’ve been brought to my knees by Technology Hell, hurricanes, car problems and a...

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