When I first I heard Jimbo Fisher’s brazen declaration of World Supremacy for the Atlantic Coast Conference, it sounded like something coming out of the White House. “I think we’ve established ourselves as the premier conference in college football,” Fisher said Thursday at ACC Media Day in Charlotte, N.C. Given that Florida State’s coach has … Continue reading It’s time to move over, Jimbo tells SEC

Jul 16, 2017
Buddy Martin

ON THE ROAD TO HOOVER – We awakened Monday to discover the arrival of a summer sweet spot on our doorsteps and computer screens: SEC Media Days, sort of a soft opening for the 2017 college football season. The first wave of around 1,400 media types descended upon this suburb of Birmingham, Ala. — perhaps … Continue reading A heat-seeking missile from LSU-Florida rivalry fired prior to SEC Media Days

Jul 10, 2017
Buddy Martin

It was no small thing. That one elusive missing piece of supremacy finally came to rest in the University of Florida’s sports trophy case. In the aftermath of finally winning the NCAA baseball championship, the accomplishment seemingly looms larger in the days that followed, lighting The Gator Nation in an afterglow. On the night the … Continue reading Yes, Cheering In The Press Box Is Allowed Today

Jul 02, 2017
Buddy Martin

I am a football junkie who watches a half dozen college games plus a couple NFL games a week during the season. As the host of a daily, football-based, talk-radio show and an Internet columnist, watching football is my job. And I just happen to love it. Lately I’ve been trying to find my way … Continue reading ‘Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack …’

Jun 22, 2017
Buddy Martin

There’s a body clock in the mind of most coaches that tells them when it’s time to retire, but the hands move slowly and the outcome is mitigated by time, circumstance and the frailties of mental and physical health. None of those were apparent in the life and career of Bob Stoops. So we are … Continue reading Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer Know Just Why Bob Stoops Is ‘Hanging ‘Em Up’

Jun 09, 2017
Buddy Martin

When you’re bored and feel the need for cooking up something different this summer, try making some fake news. It’s so hip these days. You can make national headlines and go viral before they ever catch you. It’s so easy, sometimes you don’t even have to try. Just ask Terry Bradshaw. After going on Paul … Continue reading Fake News-maker Terry Bradshaw: Hey Alabama, It Was A Joke!

May 27, 2017
Buddy Martin

Lebron or Michael? Chamberlain or Russell? Nicklaus or Tiger? Brady or Bradshaw? They say disagreements inspire horse races, and so it goes with the competitiveness of sport. However, it’s futile to argue the greatness of coaches or players of different eras, given the differing variables. I really don’t want to tee up this debate over … Continue reading Please Don’t Make Me Compare Bryant And Saban

May 14, 2017
Buddy Martin

Ever been fired or laid off? Ever been in a company where friends and colleagues got axed? Ever had to lay somebody off because you were ordered to do it? Almost all of us fit that category. I fit all three. And it sucks, on all counts. They may tell you “it’s just business,” but … Continue reading ESPN The Massacre: The Land of Broken Dreams

May 01, 2017
Buddy Martin

Recently I awakened one morning only to see a YouTube highlight package texted from my friend John. I wondered aloud, “What’s he doing sending me this video of Aaron Hernandez?” John had worked with me on a book which involved my interview with the former Florida Gators tight end. For a moment I flipped through … Continue reading The confusing case of Aaron Hernandez: Football star, dad, brother, son, murderer and maybe more

Apr 23, 2017
Buddy Martin

There is perhaps no more famous sports venue address in the world. 1060 West Addison Street. Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Check that – Wrigley Field, home of the defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Yes, after 108 years, those loveable losers have finally become loveable winners. Depending where you were for Game … Continue reading Wrigley Field now ‘Friendlier Confines’ after World Series Win

Apr 18, 2017
John Fineran