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By WOODY PAIGE WoodyPaige.com In a quirk of providence, the Denver Broncos and John Elway came to life a week apart 56 years ago. Elway was born in Port Antonio, Wash., on June 28, 1960, and the Broncos opened their first training camp in Golden on July 4, 1960. Fluke or fate? Now, Elway has … Continue reading John Elway and the Denver Broncos are intertwined, for their betterment

You could almost hear the palpitations of the Gator Nation’s heart collectively thumping. This kind of tension maybe hadn’t been felt by so many Gator fans since the dawning of the second era of Florida football, Two Score and 6 Years Ago.

One yard stood between a bruised, battered and disrespected Jim McElwain team and exoneration with an SEC East championship. Three ticks were left on the clock as LSU broke the huddle — an LSU team that makes its living pounding the rock, on a mission to save its interim coach, salvage its season and perhaps earn a trip to the Sugar Bowl.

At a time when all sports – professional, college and levels below – need a few more good men and women setting the right example for their athletes, the University of Texas has an opportunity to stay the execution of one of the truly good coaches in the profession. Unfortunately, those in control of athletics … Continue reading AS CHARLIE STRONG FOUND OUT: SADLY, IT’S ABOUT WINS AND LOSSES

The iconic words spoken by the character Major Clipton (played by actor James Donald) at the end of the 1957 Academy Award-winning movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” appropriately sum up last Saturday’s upheaval among the top four of the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

A feud still sizzles and grudges are being held about the Florida vs. LSU game Saturday at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.
Pure contempt has been fostered by the way the rescheduling of the Oct. 8 game was handled. Translated: Because of these bad feelings, LSU is now going on the Gator hit-list as an authentic rival.

The Miami Dolphins braintrust (insert joke here) can’t possibly think there is any other conceivable way to proceed after the first five games of this season, right? A blunt but fair question to ask, how many starters on the Miami Dolphins are as good or better than their counterparts on the other 31 teams?

On Nov. 4, 2014 – the day the Chicago Cubs introduced Joe Maddon as their manager – a good friend of mine went online to MLB.com and ordered a Cubs home jersey with the name MADDON and the number 70 on the back for about $60, including shipping.   It turned out to be one … Continue reading The Healing Power Of A Maddon 70 Cubs Jersey Knows No Bounds

The goldfish was not going to make it. As I laid a neatly folded pile of laundry on my six-year-old’s dresser, my eyes were drawn to the fish bowl where “Finny” was doing the telltale “side float swim” and it was clear he wasn’t long for this world.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – During the summer of 2015, the first bear to be documented in Indiana in more than 140 years wandered across the state line from Michigan near Elbel Golf Course northwest of the home of the Fighting Irish football team of the University of Notre Dame.


This bear, which meandered through northern Indiana for most of the summer before crossing back into Michigan to hibernate, left evidence of its arrival about five miles west of the home of the coach whose Fighting Irish twice spoiled the national championship dreams of the Crimson Tide of Alabama and another “Bear” – Paul Bryant.

Whether it’s Custer’s Last Stand or the Upset of the Century, the team from Buddymartinmeida.com will be in Atlanta for the Florida-Alabama SEC Championship game. So keep it right here for special stories, photos and videos. And watch for our new Graffiti Wall.