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Sunday, Dec. 16, 1974 was not a particularly good day for football fans and sportswriters in Michiana, that area on God’s Great Earth where Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan meet. The Chicago Bears had just finished a miserable 4-10 season with a 42-0 loss to the Washington Redskins in our nation’s capital when I settled … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Coach; The Fire Department Is On Alert

After securing his advancement to the final qualifying stage for next month’s 117th U.S. Open golf championship at Erin Hills northwest of Milwaukee, Brad Gehl walked over to South Bend Country Club head professional Chad Crane and extended his hand in appreciation. “I really enjoyed playing your course,” said the 26-year-old former Oklahoma State golfer … Continue reading A century after it opened, South Bend C.C. still drowning golfers

A few classic episodes and scenes from my favorite television sitcoms (and one movie that inspired one). Thanks for the memories, folks, and our salute to all of you who brought us such joy and much laughter. The Sundance Network on cable (Sundance TV) shows episodes of classic sitcoms Monday through Friday beginning around 6 … Continue reading Laugh(s) … And The Whole World Laughs With You

Lebron or Michael? Chamberlain or Russell? Nicklaus or Tiger? Brady or Bradshaw? They say disagreements inspire horse races, and so it goes with the competitiveness of sport. However, it’s futile to argue the greatness of coaches or players of different eras, given the differing variables. I really don’t want to tee up this debate over … Continue reading Please Don’t Make Me Compare Bryant And Saban

Back in the day, all this reporter needed to cover the annual NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting – i.e. “The Draft” – was a big, comfortable bed on which to lay research material, notebooks and pens, a television set connected to cable network ESPN, a good telephone and a Hibachi grill. In 1982, a good … Continue reading I’ll Take Old Days Any Day When Covering NFL Draft

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7MMJGRUzcg Ever been fired or laid off? Ever been in a company where friends and colleagues got axed? Ever had to lay somebody off because you were ordered to do it? Almost all of us fit that category. I fit all three. And it sucks, on all counts. They may tell you “it’s just business,” … Continue reading ESPN The Massacre: The Land of Broken Dreams

A gentle, early-morning breeze from the Gulf of Mexico swayed the palm trees illuminated by the downtown Tampa streetlights as I walked to my car on June 8, 2004 with my boss and good friend, Buddy Martin. We were still pinching ourselves about our good fortune. “Buddy, we just covered the seventh game of the … Continue reading The Many Faces and Places on Lord Stanley’s Cup

Pedestrians are used to hearing the horns and dodging yellow taxis during weekdays in midtown Manhattan. But even they must admit that was one strange-looking yellow car pulling up outside the Fifth Avenue offices of the National Basketball Association. Actually, the car was a replica Indy racing machine and even stranger was the guy crammed … Continue reading A Big Yellow ‘Taxi’ Driven By A Big Bird

Recently I awakened one morning only to see a YouTube highlight package texted from my friend John. I wondered aloud, “What’s he doing sending me this video of Aaron Hernandez?” John had worked with me on a book which involved my interview with the former Florida Gators tight end. For a moment I flipped through … Continue reading The confusing case of Aaron Hernandez: Football star, dad, brother, son, murderer and maybe more

There is perhaps no more famous sports venue address in the world. 1060 West Addison Street. Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. Check that – Wrigley Field, home of the defending World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Yes, after 108 years, those loveable losers have finally become loveable winners. Depending where you were for Game … Continue reading Wrigley Field now ‘Friendlier Confines’ after World Series Win

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