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The University of Florida is seeking a new head football coach. Four million people know the right guy to hire, but there are 15 different “right” answers.   Welcome to the Blood Sport of Hiring & Firing College Football Coaches.   Everybody knows, but nobody knows.   Radio Silence. Whereas the stillness gives us respite, the roar … Continue reading Florida’s Next Coach? You Think You Know Who It Is? Chances Are You’re Going To Be Wrong

The Florida Gators need to find a coach in a hurry because it’s getting darn-right ugly out there.   It sure doesn’t feel so good to see Humpty Dumpty – the Florida Gators – appear to be crashing right in front of your eyes. It sure doesn’t feel so good down here near Rock Bottom … Continue reading It’s Getting So Ugly Maybe Florida Should ‘Drain The Swamp’

Jim McElwain was not the right coach. It almost felt like he was a Nick Saban Wannabe in a Gator costume. For a while he fooled himself — fooled all of us, including me. His tenure was a rocky road from the start, however, and the potholes only got deeper with time and circumstance. Jim … Continue reading So Long Mac. Thanks. And Looking Back, It Never Really Was A Good Fit.

Memo to the Florida Gators football team: Don’t bother going to Jacksonville on Saturday. Just drop by the U.S. Post Office and mail it in. You don’t think for a minute the 92nd (or is it 93rd?) Florida-Georgia game is going to make any difference in the SEC standings, do you? So cut the No. 3 … Continue reading There Will Be A Game Saturday At EverBank Field, Despite Lack Of Interest

Semi-hysteria currently prevails in college football and knee-jerk journalism fosters Internet click-bait which can create false media narratives. So I thought it best to withhold my commentary about the curious state of Florida football until now. But it’s time. I am not a “let’s-fire-the-coach.com” guy. But in the short analysis, storm clouds are gathering over … Continue reading There’s Trouble In Hogtown, Where A Triage Is Needed

Now I know how Superman feels about Kryptonite.    In recent weeks, I’ve been brought to my knees by Technology Hell, hurricanes, car problems and a spate of bad news — including the loss of a friend – all the while doing my taxes.   My iPhone is still hijacked by IOS. I’m wrestling with … Continue reading Sometimes It Is What It Is

We know a thing or two about SEC football because we’ve seen a thing or two about SEC football. As they say about Saturdays in golf, it was moving day in SEC football. But what exactly moved? Talk-show chatter last week was rank with projections of a new world order among SEC coaches and a … Continue reading Everything’s Back To Normal In SEC Pecking Order

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKznefxbVYg Feleipe Franks to Tyrie Cleveland, 63 yards, 0:00 … Florida 26, Tennessee 20 … Walk-off Touchdown … Was it the greatest play ever on Florida Field? Gator fans could chew on this one forever. As a senior observer of football in Gainesville for more than a half century, however, let me go ahead and … Continue reading Anatomy Of #Hail Mary: Maybe The Greatest Play In History On Florida Field

For Florida Gators fans, this is like watching a new Netflix movie. Season 1 looks interesting. Season 2 you expect a suspenseful plot to unpack and take you somewhere. By the beginning of Season 3 it becomes clear: This thing isn’t going anywhere. We’ve seen this movie of the Florida Gators – Season 3 – … Continue reading We’ve Seen This Gator Movie Before: There’s No ‘There’ There In Offense

Knowing how to navigate around Fake News is mandatory these days. Those of us who follow sports learned a long time ago how to recognize B.S. because coaches exaggerate, athletes lie and well-meaning fans hallucinate. It’s a good thing else we’d never survive Jim Harbaugh’s baloney. Let’s put on those eclipse glasses again and hopefully … Continue reading College Football Circus: Harbaugh’s Roster, McElwain’s Three-Headed QB

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