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Where I grew up, the incoming Florida quarterback was always going to be the next Crown Prince. It’s been that way all the way back to the dark ages of Gator football, when I first heard the names Angus Williams and Haywood Sullivan. There’s always been an implied birthright – right through the Tim Tebow … Continue reading College Football Recruiting Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

Florida fans can exhale now and be thankful that it’s so much greater to be a Gator than a Vol right now – not to mention a Seminole. Hard to believe it hasn’t even been a week since Gator Nation felt like its world was spinning out control, Tennessee style, after they were jilted by Benedict Arnold Kelly.   On … Continue reading The Mullens Are Bringing That Old-Time Family Feeling Back To Gainesville

Somehow, I inadvertently inherited the Chip Kelly Watch and I would like to get off the train as soon as possible to enjoy my “Thankmas” celebration.   As my family of journalists from three states understands from all their past experiences, however, I just can’t let go of this story until a resolution is reached and … Continue reading Florida’s Undercover Mission: The Silence Is Deafening, But We Hear You and See You, Chip Kelly

The University of Florida is seeking a new head football coach. Four million people know the right guy to hire, but there are 15 different “right” answers.   Welcome to the Blood Sport of Hiring & Firing College Football Coaches.   Everybody knows, but nobody knows.   Radio Silence. Whereas the stillness gives us respite, the roar … Continue reading Florida’s Next Coach? You Think You Know Who It Is? Chances Are You’re Going To Be Wrong

The Florida Gators need to find a coach in a hurry because it’s getting darn-right ugly out there.   It sure doesn’t feel so good to see Humpty Dumpty – the Florida Gators – appear to be crashing right in front of your eyes. It sure doesn’t feel so good down here near Rock Bottom … Continue reading It’s Getting So Ugly Maybe Florida Should ‘Drain The Swamp’

Jim McElwain was not the right coach. It almost felt like he was a Nick Saban Wannabe in a Gator costume. For a while he fooled himself — fooled all of us, including me. His tenure was a rocky road from the start, however, and the potholes only got deeper with time and circumstance. Jim … Continue reading So Long Mac. Thanks. And Looking Back, It Never Really Was A Good Fit.

Memo to the Florida Gators football team: Don’t bother going to Jacksonville on Saturday. Just drop by the U.S. Post Office and mail it in. You don’t think for a minute the 92nd (or is it 93rd?) Florida-Georgia game is going to make any difference in the SEC standings, do you? So cut the No. 3 … Continue reading There Will Be A Game Saturday At EverBank Field, Despite Lack Of Interest

Semi-hysteria currently prevails in college football and knee-jerk journalism fosters Internet click-bait which can create false media narratives. So I thought it best to withhold my commentary about the curious state of Florida football until now. But it’s time. I am not a “let’s-fire-the-coach.com” guy. But in the short analysis, storm clouds are gathering over … Continue reading There’s Trouble In Hogtown, Where A Triage Is Needed

Now I know how Superman feels about Kryptonite.    In recent weeks, I’ve been brought to my knees by Technology Hell, hurricanes, car problems and a spate of bad news — including the loss of a friend – all the while doing my taxes.   My iPhone is still hijacked by IOS. I’m wrestling with … Continue reading Sometimes It Is What It Is

We know a thing or two about SEC football because we’ve seen a thing or two about SEC football. As they say about Saturdays in golf, it was moving day in SEC football. But what exactly moved? Talk-show chatter last week was rank with projections of a new world order among SEC coaches and a … Continue reading Everything’s Back To Normal In SEC Pecking Order

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