Marcia Morris, M.D. is a psychiatrist at the University of Florida with over 20 years of experience providing care to university students. She currently writes a blog for Psychology Today called “College Wellness: Promoting Happiness and Health in the College Years” (Psychology Today Blog). In articles and talks, she promotes preventive care and better treatment for mental illness in the college years and beyond. Her articles have been published in the New York Times, the Tampa Bay Times, The Conversation, Psychiatric Times, and Clinical Psychiatry News.  She has appeared on Huffington Post Live and hosted a monthly radio show, Family Matters, on WOCA 96.3 FM/1370 AM in Ocala, Florida.


A board certified psychiatrist and Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Marcia Morris attended Harvard College, Yale School of Medicine, and the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center psychiatry residency program. She has published original research in the area of suicide as well as obsessive compulsive disorder, and has given several talks on these and other topics.