Mullen and Spurrier
How Mullen Resembles Gators’ Two National Championship Coaches

We gotta stop this stuff, Gator Nation

We’re getting all mushy about Dan Mullen, who has been on the job less than three months. He hasn’t called a play yet for Florida, let alone won a game.

He just simply can’t be that good, can he?

Part of this is the “Love At First Sight” syndrome. OK, maybe “Love at Second Sight,” because we already knew the guy from his days with Urban Meyer.

Mostly, though, it’s the “Fresh Start” syndrome. Have you ever awakened from a bad dream and been just thankful it wasn’t real? That’s kind of what most folks in the Gator Nation are feeling after the last eight years.

When he was Florida’s offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer, right, Dan Mullen was a quarterback whisperer for Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.

I must admit, the more I hear him speak at a presser, the more I like Mullen. Maybe because so many things he does remind me of the two national championship coaches at Florida – Meyer and The HBC, Steve Spurrier.

The reasons? Let me count the ways. These are the similarities I see in Dan Mullen, Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer:

1. A brilliant offensive-football mind. (Both Spurrier and Meyer)

2. Sensational play-caller. (Spurrier)

3. Strategic, has a plan to win. (Meyer)

4. Can develop 3-stars into 4- and 5-stars. (Both)

5. Super competitive and hates to lose. (Both)

6. Passionate. (Both)

7. Thrilled to be on the job at Florida and makes football fun. (Spurrier)

8. A superb recruiter. (Meyer)

9. Loves the challenge of being underdog. (Spurrier)

10. Swagger: Cocky, brash, gutsy. (Spurrier)

There are other similar traits but we must wait on the heat of the battle – things such as timing on when to go for it on fourth down, calling the gimmick play, running a fake punt or going for the onside kick. On those counts, Steve and Urban were gifted.

Oddly enough, just going off my list, I realize I have cast Mullen as more like Spurrier than his old boss Meyer. I’m not so sure that’s true, but we shall see.

There is this other thing: Like Spurrier, Mullen wears a visor. Hmmmmmmm.