Just When Hopes Were Flagging, Everything Crashed. It may have been Super Bowl week in Houston, but it was “Super Week” in Gainesville, full of crashes. The good kind of crashes — for both the Gator football and basketball programs. Jim McElwain’s football recruiting program, under fire from critics for lagging behind half the SEC … Continue reading Crashing was Fun for Florida Gators During ‘Super Week’

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The unstoppable Hunter Turner has been confined to a wheel chair all his life, but don’t get in his way. “Rolling With Hunter” offers you some interviews with big stars in sports.
Gather ye Knights of the Square Table With A Round End and raise your swords. Buddy Martin, Tom Schmitz and Tom James do a bit of jousting.
Yes, says Tom Schmitz, it IS an oxymoron. We don’t often do much politics, but when do our choice is Tom Schmitz.
Web guru, artist and blogger, Steve Crandall, hosts the Pip And I show with his dog Pip. The show focuses on a variety of topics spanning Web, Art, Photography, Social Media and much more. Steve's expertise is on display and he does his best to educate his audience with a bit of humor and the obligatory cute dog to keep his audience engaged.
A board certified psychiatrist and Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Marcia Morris attended Harvard College, Yale School of Medicine, and the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center psychiatry residency program. She has published original research in the area of suicide as well as obsessive compulsive disorder, and has given several talks on these and other topics.
Jose Juarez was picked by national TV hosts Kelly and Michael as the No. 1 grilling chef among the national contestants and his unique sandwich and 455 sauce have already become famous. Get some good grilling tips from Jose.
He virtually grew up in a race car and by the time he was 15, Jake Perkins was fearless as a stock car racer, thus earning the nickname “No Brake Jake.” Jake checks in from time to time when he’s not at the University studying – what else? – mechanical engineering.
Sometimes Tom James doesn’t get to get everything off his chest in other segments, so he’s got his own. He tackles some in-depth topics with "Going Long."
When Buddy Martin and Tom Schmitz get together to deconstruct a topic, it’s usually spicey and almost always funny. Expect the absurd on “Seriously?”
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